High temperature power cables

Highly flexible and especially temperature resistant: high temperature main power cables are used for wiring heating and lighting systems, as well as connections in traction motor circuits, batteries, switchboards, power converters and distributors. These cables are suitable to continuously (over 100,000 hours) operate under extreme temperatures, ranging from –50°C up to +150°C. The outer sheath provides additional protection against oil, fuel and ozone.

LEONI Italy S.r.l. is the biggest silicone cable producer in Europe (consumption of silicone rubber). It got all process capabilities in house for standard & more complex silicone cables:

  • Copper drawing & stranding
  • Silicone rubber compounding
  • Silicone extrusion and cross linking
  • Twisting of cores
  • Shielding / Glassbraiding
  • Testing

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